Friday, 28 December 2012

Ride four!

Today it was a fresh -13 Celsius when i set off, and the temperature sank down to -15 Celsius before rising to around -7 during the day.

I was worried that my bum was going to hurt today but I used loads of rapha chamois cream, and it really does work wonders.

(Note to self: apply chamois cream BEFORE rubbing your legs with winter embrocation)

 Legs were good, but we didn`t get any sun today. I am amazed that I managed to do the whole 160km`s today and I am well on my way to completing the festive 500 challenge.

Unfortunately, Garmin stole another 30km`s (so, no, it isn`t a myth that Garmin Edge doesn`t work too well at low tempratures). This ride gave me 160km`s during last years Festive 500 but it was warmer last year. Never mind, I suppose its only fair to the other arctic riders out there that we a playing on a level field.

I hit the most spectacular scenery when the temperature gauge was at its lowest, so unfortunately I didn`t fancy taking off my gloves 60km`s away from the nearest place to get warm again. Although this was my longest ride, I took the fewest pictures.

Here are todays photo`s...

A frozen fjord

Fun,fun,fun! Twisty turnies.

Lunch bought at my half way point, whist I had a little de-frost.

So, according to my strava log found here , I did "133km`s" today and have racked up a total of 388km`s on my four rides. Average speed is off because of the missing km`s but moving time of  7 hours and 12 minutes is correct. I had a few more stops than I planned, simply to de-frost my bottles.

I have tried to rally some support from fellow riders but to no avail, so it looks like it will be a 100% solo affair this year for me, Billy no mates.... hehe.

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