Monday, 24 December 2012


I havn`t got time to write much because I used an hour more than planned and I have to get cracking on Christmas dinner....

What I can say is the first two hours were spent riding in porridge in the dark. I got hit by a blizzard and the temperature was lower than expected at around -7 Celsius at the half way point.

On the way home, night turned to grey and the snow plough lads were out in full force which made the going home just sweet. Meandering down the valley through the pine tree forest was Epic enough for me to stop and take pictures and to block my freezing fingers at the back of my mind.

Wouldn`t have missed it for anything, gorgeous and pure fun!

As you can see, not much to see the first couple of hours.

Today's Strava log HERE showing 70km`s layed down. Chuffed to bits. :)

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