Wednesday, 28 December 2011

All done!

I am amazed by the fact that I managed to meet my goal of 500km`s before Thursday!

Today I wanted to give my family a little something back.

I grabbed my Niner One-nine single speed, put some air in the tyres and rode the first 20km`s of my 35km ride today solo.

When I came home, my youngest son was in his kit and bike at the ready. I could see the anticipation in his face. We have ridden this particular route several times before, but like me he was now riding it as a part of the Rapha festive 500!

The reason why I wanted to do this with my son, is because he has been asking to tag along all week. So today was his day.

The weather was a lot like the weather me and Espen had endured on our imperial century ride but maybe a little colder.

Sebastian rode like a champion, I could see he was getting tired but he has inherited his dads` stubbornness and didn`t complain once.

They have a saying here in Norway that says " There isn`t such a thing as poor weather, just poor clothing ".

When we got home we were so cold that the warm shower stung our legs and fingers.

After the shower, I made the whole family a British brunch consisting of bacon and eggs, chips, beans and HP sauce.

Thanks to the gents and ladies at Rapha for the inspiration and here are my redemption statistics.

Distance: 502,9 km

Calories burned: 13,783

Total saddle time: 24:22:29

Elevation climbed: 4702m

Average temperature 4 degrees Celsius

Here is today's Video, featuring today's hero Sebastian.

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