Saturday, 24 December 2011

Why the festive 500?

I have been asked a few times by people who think that I`m a nutcase for doing the Festive 500.... "why? " "whats the point"

Well, apart from the obvious reason of getting in some quality miles and keeping the belly at bay.

My take on it is that any idiot can ride 500 km`s in 8 days, so its not what you do but how you do it. I`m getting out at a time I wouldn`t normally ride to the places I ride in the summer, and because its cold, I`m stopping more at the petrol stations get grab a well earned coffee and meeting strangers...

I wouldn`t normally stop to admire the views, and definitely would`t be making short films or taking pictures.

Today my legs were really feeling my struggle from yesterday, so I stopped for photo opportunities, what seemed like all the time.

I really think that I have been awarded by the best pictures I have ever taken with a mobile phone, well truthfully with any kind of camera!

Here are the pictures from today's ride, a small festive film and my Strava ride log stating 63km`s HERE

HoHo, forgott my video, here it is..


  1. Beautiful pictures and a really impressive ride yesterday!

    /Henrik Öijer från Falun i Sverige