Saturday, 17 December 2011

I have been talking to my family and it seems that if I am going to get enough time to do the Festive 500, there are going to be quite a few very early mornings!

The weather doesn`t look like its going to play the christmas game and I wont be able to post nice snowy, picture postcard photo`s either.

So at the moment it looks like I will have to endure some realy miserable rain and fierce winds at around 11 to 15 m/s.

I am planning on using my trusty Cube X-Race comp CX/commuter bike, for which I have mounted mud guards and Schwalbe marathon winter studded tyres. A couple of the rides I have planned are going to be through some back-country where I will most certainly encounter some ice, so I will endure the rumbeling of studded tyres on wet asphalt just for saftey reasons...... well, actualy I can`t be arsed to swap back after the cold spell we endured last week. hehe...

I am also planning on doing a few rides on my trusty One9 singlespeed if I get enough miles done in the early stages, and my legs feel good enough..... More on that when the time comes.

Only 5 days to go, soon time for some PANIC !!

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