Thursday, 22 December 2011

Day before hellish 500!

I`m ready!

I have been planning my first day of the festive 500 today and trying not to let the fact that most of the route has now been reduced to a slushy mess on the road, dampen my spirit.

I was originally planning to ride with a fellow rapha`ist, who phoned me up today to tell me that he has got the flu. This news did dampen my spirits a little because fighting the slush and sleet alone is only half the "fun"... oh well.

My plan of attack, is to do as many miles as my poor body can cope with on the first day, so I don`t have to upset my family too much during the course of the next week. 3 kids and a wife and all the visits to other family members during the festive season mean that I have to get up at the crack of dawn after too little sleep, ready to ride. This in turn means that i get really grumpy and i`ll really struggle with the false smile at the dinner table.

Tomorrow's planned ride looks like this....

All well and done but firstly looking at my Strava log, my longest ride this year was 135km in the middle of the summer!
I am expecting my km/h to be drastically reduced to around 18-20 km/h, which in turn means a 7 hour haul without any breaks..... Wish me luck.

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