Monday, 11 July 2011

Still going.

Up at the crack of dawn this morning I grabbed my gear. Rapha shorts, gillet and my well loved cap.

I jumped in the car (a first for me) and parked at the foot of a hill hoping to get some effective climbing done today.

The problem is that I was trying to find a road I had ridden last year that I know has a 10km climb. Not a problem you think? Well, I have absolutly no sence of direction and overshot the turn by about 25km`s.....

When it then started to rain I decided not to turn back but grit my teeth and get my head down and simply pedal. My feet were freezing and my A$$ was drenched.  My Rapha socks had been religated to the bin last week, and I was regretting not keeping them for one last ride. Cotton doesn`t suit 15 degrees and rain in quite the same way.

However, the gravel that had found its way in to my shorts soon made me forget about my cold feet. It was like wearing a wet nappy (dypers to the guys over the pond), with a handfull of sand between my cheeks.

The wind picked up at the half way point just to make sure I was having a miserable ride. I decided to pick up the pace and stamped up the last hills back to the car.

Its funny how this shitty ride turned out to be an epic adventure as soon as I had got home, had a shower and sat down with todays first cappuccino. In fact I belive it to be the best ride I have had this year.

Memories of the hardest rides are proberbly one of the reasons we all do this.

Anyway, here is the RIDE in black and white on strava.

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